Our Clubs History

Taekwondo first came to the Lithgow area in Febuary1984 through the area’s first Taekwondo Instructor Master Eddie Thomas (Master Thomas moved here from Wollongong), classes began at the Wallerawang squash courts. Master Jeff Crane was one of the original students that began under the guidance of Master Thomas at the age of 20 years old.

The club was originally called “Wallerawang Taekwondo” with students attending their first NSW competition after attaining Yellow Belts, Master Crane won Gold in sparring at his first state competition and was then completely hooked on Taekwondo.
Master Crane achieved his 1st Dan in November 1986, graded by Grand Master Yong Dai Cho in Wollongong.

In 1987 Master Thomas left the area due to work commitments and moved to Adelaide, He asked Master Crane to continue training everyone and that’s when as a 1st Dan, Master Crane began to teach all that stayed with him as many of the original students had stopped training at this point. Taekwondo grew in the area to have classes in Wallerawang, Portland, and Bathurst & Lithgow with many students achieving great results at local, state, national & international Taekwondo events.

At one of the competitions an official asked Master Crane what was the Korean name of the club it was then suggested we use Haktari as it is Korean for Crane, all the students in the club then voted on the name change and also a new badge with Che’ Baker’s design getting voted in thus Haktari taekwondo Academy was born In1991.
After many years of running classes out of school halls in the local area Master Crane leased a section of the Lithgow squash courts in 2001 after 3 years he then moved to 95 main street Lithgow just up from the Lithgow mercury. In 2005 he was able to lease the current location which was a shell of a building and over a period of 12 months with the help of family, friends and students he renovated and opened the new HTA centre in 2006.

Since Master Crane has been teaching Taekwondo in the Lithgow area he has trained 100’s of students and school children and has graded 76 of his students to black belt. He has taken HTA teams to State, National and international competitions.