How to Start

How to Start

Come into our centre and talk to our staff about the lessons your interested in and from there we will show you what we have and what classes might suit you and your family.

All new Traditional Taekwondo students get 2 WEEK'S FREE, that's right 2 WEEK'S for a limited time

It’s that simple, after 2 week's we will then ask you to choose the classes you’re interested in plus the package that suits you and we will give you a quote on what you have selected.

Haktari Taekwondo Academy is an Active Kids Provider

When first starting out it is advisable to wear loose fitting cloth’s track pants and Tee shirt and we train in bare feet.
Haktari Taekwondo is a family friendly club that welcomes all that train with us and look forward to helping all new starters feel at home and start you off in the right direction in the amazing and excitingl Martial Art of Taekwondo.