Our Rules

Rules for the Dojang (Training Hall)

1. No jewellery e.g. earrings, chains and rings) is to be worn in the Dojang

2. Any illness or injuries that may affect your performance or be made worse through training must be reported to your Instructor before commencement of a class.

3. Smoking, chewing gum & eating is prohibited in the Dojang.

4. Students should bow toward flags when entering and leaving the Dojang.

5. Students should always bow before and after speaking to the Instructor or senior students, and use terms of respect such as Sir (or Ma'am), Any Instructor's commands or corrections should be answered with Sir!(or Ma'am as appropriate). If a command or correction isn't understood, wait for an appropriate moment, and then politely ask the Instructor to clarify or explain.

6. All Black Belts will be addressed and responded to formally as Mr., Mrs., or Miss <Surname>.

7. Students should bow and say hello sir as a formal greeting or farewell and not simply say hello or goodbye.

8. Students should not face the Instructor or other students when adjusting their uniforms (dobok).

9. Students should observe common standards of hygiene, such as keeping ones uniform (dobok) clean, keeping one's own body clean so as not to be offensive and keeping finger & toe nails short and clean.

10. Students that arrive at class early should not waste time. Quickly get changed and warm up with basic movements and stretching. Students that arrive at class late should not simply join in at the back. They wait to be acknowledged by the Instructor who will instruct them when and where to join the class.

11. Students should move quickly to line up and should stand at attention in order to await the Instructor's commands.

12. Profanity, obscene gestures or actions, unnecessary roughness toward a fellow student, loss of temper, or other actions unbecoming a martial artist are strictly prohibited.

13. If accidental contact is made during training, students should stop and bow to one another and shake hands as an apology, and for the other to show acceptance.

14. Students must not talk whilst the Instructor is speaking. Loud conversation, laughing in excess and other horseplay has no place in a Taekwondo school.

15. Leaning on walls or rails, sprawling on the floor, and other slouchy behaviour will not be tolerated.

16. Students should ensure that all equipment must not be misused and should be put away neatly at the end of each class by all students.

17. Never be disrespectful towards the Instructor. Though a student is allowed to disagree with the Instructor, the student must first follow the Instructor and then discuss the matter later.

18. Always remember that what you are learning is a potentially harmful martial art. Taekwondo students are never to initiate violence and must conduct themselves in a responsible and courteous manner both inside and outside the Dojang.