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About Master Jeff Crane 7th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

1975 Judo Castle Hill
1978/79/80 Boxing Lithgow PCYC
1984 Commenced training in Taekwondo

Taekwondo Achievements
1987 Attained 1st Dan Black Belt Graded by Grand Master Y D Cho
1993 Australian Black Belt Open sparring 64-70kg Gold medallist,
Black Belt Open patterns Bronze medallist
1994/95 All styles Champion, 1996 Runner Up
1997 Australian Black Belt Over 30 years patterns Gold medallist
1999/2000 Australian Black Belt Over 30 years 64-70kg
Sparring Gold medallist
2001 Asian Pacific over 35 years Gold in Sparring & Breaking, Silver in patterns, won gold cup for best break at competition
2001 NSW Taekwondo best coach
2002 Australian Masters Gold in sparring & patterns, Silver breaking
2003 Australian Masters Gold in patterns, Silver in sparring and breaking
2002 New Zealand Open, Silver in over 35 years sparring 64-70kg
2007/8 Grappling training with Australian UFC Fighter Brad Morris
2008 Graded to 6th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon by Grand Master Kwak
2010 New Zealand Open, Silver in over 35 years sparring 64-70kg
Over 40 years patterns Gold
2011 New Zealand Open, Gold in over 40 years Patterns

2013 Graded to Level 1-2 in Commando Krav Maga

2014 Graded to Level 3 in Commando Krav Maga

2014 Graded to 7th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon by Grand Master Kwak 



Misty Walsh 4th Dan

Started Taekwondo training with Haktari Taekwondo Academy in 2001 after seeing my younger sister start the year before.

2 x Australian Champion (Blue/Red Belt)

Bronze Medal Australian Championship (Blue Belt)

Multiple 1st Place NSW Champion (Coloured Belt)


Achieved 1st Dan Black Belt in 2005


  • Silver Medal in 1st Oceania Championship Representing Australia
  • 1st Place NSW State Championship
  • 4th Place Australian Championship
  • Reg Cowden Senior Sport Star for October
  • 1st Place NSW State Championship


  • 1st Place NSW State Championship
  • 1st  Place BMTC
  • Achieved NCAS Level 1
  • Injured ACL Left Knee


  • Achieved 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • 2nd Place NSW Selections
  • Bronze Medal Australian Championships
  • 1st Place NSW State Championship


  • 1st Place BMTC
  • 1st Place NSW Championships
  • Bronze Medal Australian Championship


  • Achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Gold Medal New Zealand Open (53-57)
  • 1st Place BMTC
  • 1st Place NSW Championship (53-57)
  • Bronze Medal Australian Championship (53-57)


  • Gold Medals New Zealand Open in 2 divisions (53-57 and 57-62)
  • Competed In World Qualification Tournament Preliminary Event (2012 Olympic Trials)
  • Got to the top 4 in 53-57 division
  • 1st Place NSW State Championships (53-57)
  • Silver Medal Australian Championship (53-57)
  • 1St Place NSW State Championship (53-57)


  • Train with 2012 Olympic fighters and coach
  • Competed in US Open representing Australia
  • Injured ACL Right Knee


  • 1st Place Queensland Open (53-57)
  • 1st Place ACT Open (53-57)
  • 3 x 2nd Place NSW State Championship (53-57)
  • Gold Medal Malaysia Classic (53-57)
  • Silver Medal Australian Championship (53-57)
  • 1st Place NSW State Championship (53-57)
  • Reg Cowden Senior Sport Star for August
  • Achieved 4th Dan Black Belt


  • 1st Place South Coast (53kg-57kg)
  • 2nd Place NSW State Championship (53kg-57kg)
  • Bronze Medal Oceania Selection Competition Perth (53kg-57kg)
  • 1st Place Blue Mountains Taekwondo Championships in 2 divisions (53kg-57kg and 57kg-62kg)
  • Trained 2 weeks in Korea
  • Korea Open making it to the round of 16 (53kg-57kg)
  • Australia Open 4th Place (53kg-57kg)


Graeme Muir 2nd Dan

  • Started taekwondo with Haktari in 2005 when his eldest daughter, then 9 years old, decided she would like to take up the Martial art after completing a basic skills program run in conjunction with Lithgow Primary School, “ I lasted one week as a spectator before I joined my daughter on the floor”.
  • Achieved Black belt in 2009.
  • Tournament Team Manager for Haktari since 2009.
  • Undertook NCAS (National Coaching Accreditiation Scheme), Level 1 coaching certificate as a red belt in 2008.
  • Attended poomsae seminar with Master Ko, NSW technical director ~ poomsae in October 2010.
  • Is the proud father of three daughters, all of whom practice Taekwondo and is happy to say that he has witnessed two of his daughters achieve Black belt and is keenly following his third daughters path to Black.

Likes most about Taekwondo. Really gets great satisfaction from helping students, both junior and senior, achieve the mastery of techniques and abilities that are required to move up the belt rankings in taekwondo. Loves seeing the improvements in self confidence and self esteem that achieving the next belt level brings to younger students, some of whom start the journey with barely enough self confidence to look a grown up in the eye and talk openly to them.

Takes great confidence in the way Taekwondo has developed in his daughters, advanced levels of self confidence, discipline and respect, for both themselves and others, and lives with the greatest level of confidence in the knowledge that their taekwondo has given his daughters the skills and abilities they need to defend themselves, should they ever find themselves in the situation where they need to use the self defence skills they have learnt at taekwondo.


Hilton Brown 3rd Dan


Assistant Instructors

Hayley Robson 3rd Dan

Amy Muir 3rd Dan

David Robson 1st Dan

Alan George 1st Dan