Our programs are loads of fun and are designed to enhance and teach students lifelong learning skills of respect, discipline and confidence in their daily activities. Taekwondo will help students to distinguish their goals and reach their full potential. Students will come away with perseverance, self control, modesty, etiquette and an indomitable spirit.

Just select the Program that bet suits you:


Little Ninjas

This program is for Children aged 4, 5 & 6 years In the Ninja Program children will learn basic life skills such as manners, respect, confidence and having a positive attitude. Using these positive support techniques, the children will develop gross and fine motor skills, special awareness, what to do in an emergency as well as how to take turns and follow directions.

Children are introduced to personal safety techniques, stranger danger and what to do if they become lost.


Traditional Taekwondo

Program for students aged 7 years & up. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of martial arts, Taekwondo and self-defence. The program will keep them physically fit and improve the benefits of good behaviour, teamwork, good manners, patience and trying their best. The program covers valuable lessons on bullying, stranger danger and avoiding undesirable situations.

Developing an ‘I CAN’ attitude and having that regularly reinforced in class. This then opens the door to the gift of self-esteem, confidence and self-respect that will stay with you or your child for life! Seniors will learn a martial art that is powerful and easy to learn.

Haktari Taekwondo Academy’s self-defence system is suitable for both men and women. The program will give you the advantage you need to protect yourself! With stand up and on the ground techniques, Haktari guarantee’s that even after your first class, students will have usable skills that will stay with them for life.

Haktari has plenty of kicking and punching, lots of Bag work and classes are really safe; students should not worry about getting hit or getting hurt. Classes mix in plenty of strength and conditioning work and are excellent for fun, fitness and endurance.


Sport Taekwondo

Olympic style Sport Taekwondo is available to our elite members who pursue an interest in tournament fighting, these students are selected and are extensively trained up before going to competitions ensuring they are ready for the challenges competition brings.
Sport Taekwondo is full contact fighting with juniors rules modified for safety with only full contact to the body allowed.
Players aged 14 years and up can punch to the body and kick to the head and body. (No attacks to the legs permitted)
All players wear full safety equipment in competition and at training.
Our club attends competitions Locally, State and National level every year, as well as some International events.
Students are selected for this class and are invited to join in. If under 18 years old parents will have the final say. This class is not open to all students.


Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is a great cardiovascular workout that involves the use of different punching & kicking, techniques and training aids to develop core structure as well as upper and lower body strength.

Our Fighting Fit class starts off with a warm up to the beat of some fun music and then progresses into an amazing workout with lots of punch's & kicks. This exciting class uses skipping ropes, punching bags, and focus mitts amongst other training aids to develop cardiovascular fitness and complete body toning, with a variety of push ups, sit ups, squats, burpee's ending with an overall stretch routine. This class is for any fitness level 13 years & up with no uniform or Gradings for this group just hard work & results.
So wear loose fitting clothes, bring a sweat towel and hey why not bring a friend and have some fun together!