Testimonial from the Kelly family.

Haktari Taekwondo academy is a wonderful family friendly club that promotes the importance of fitness, wellbeing and lifelong healthy habits. Our whole family attends lessons at Haktari which range from little ninjas,fighting fit and traditional and sports taekwondo.

Master Jeff Crane is a well respected and amazing teacher, mentor and friend who we can not speak highly enough of. We have always felt very welcomed and supported within the Haktari community and look forward to spending many more years practicing and perfecting the skills and techniques that we have been taught. Thankyou Haktari and thankyou Master Jeff Crane!

Louise and Alex Kelly

Testimonial – Jamie Robson

My name is Jamie Robson and I have been doing Taekwondo at Haktari since I was fourteen, 6 years ago. I am now 20 years of age and I am currently studying a Nursing Degree at University.

As all 14 year olds starting out in martial arts, I thought that Taekwondo was cool and that it would teach me how to hurt the bad guys like in the movies. Well, I still feel that way even after so many years however now I can look back over my time with Jeff Crane and Haktari and see how much more it has offered me.

I am a Second Dan Black Belt and have been a coach of three years. I have achieved things I never thought possible with Jeff’s help and have found (through HUNDREDS of push ups,) what pain REALLY means and more importantly how to keep on going despite how much it hurts. I was the original Robson to start Taekwondo with Jeff and because my family could see how much fun I was having and how my self-confidence grew, they are now all involved including my dad who is now a blue belt (and is very proud of himself).

Through taekwondo and under Jeff’s guidance, I have learnt how to respect myself and others. I have gained confidence from helping Jeff teach others in classes and from having to be a role model for the lower belts and children.

Jeff pours a great deal of effort and hours into the Haktari Club despite working night shifts and helping others and it is clear to see his dedication to achieving the best for his students who train under him. It is inspiring and because of this I have kicked myself a few times for grumbling when I think life is too hard and I compare myself to Jeff’s busy life.

Patience is a virtue and I am pretty sure that if it were an Olympic sport, Jeff would win gold hands down. He is very supportive of his students and I have seen before my eyes the transformations some kids have made in developing positive behaviours, usually ending with a surprised parent thanking Jeff after their child has said please or thank you whereas before they threw tantrums.

Jeff does not discriminate and gives equal time and care to everyone who studies under him. Out of the various Taekwondo Masters I have seen, Jeff is the best. It is obvious to see from anyone who knows him just how highly they hold his regard. I am very happy I started taekwondo all those years ago and despite being a black belt, I know that my real training has only just begun. Without Jeff I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


All of our Family has been attending Haktari Taekwondo Academy for over 6 years now. The club has become part of our extended family and we have enjoyed all of our time involved with the club. My three children have all become Black Belts under Jeff’s guidance. Like most parents I initially took my children to Jeff’s classes to simply learn how to look after themselves but they have learned and achieved so much more.

Jeff is simply the best teacher I have ever seen. He is extremely passionate about Taekwondo and life in general. He always talks to the children in the class on their level with a measured voice and always engages the children personally. As a result all the children have great respect for him. You can hear a pin drop when he is talking to a class of over 30 students, as they are all focused on what they are learning about.

Our family would not have stayed with the club as long as we have without believing in what Jeff is doing. His club is one of the best kept secrets in Lithgow. He teaches the children focus, self confidence and self belief, as well as the value of hard work and study.

It would be derelict not to mention the team that surrounds Jeff and provides him with the skills, time and effort needed to manage the Haktari Family. Ms Misty Walsh selflessly provides Jeff with daily help and assistance in all aspects of the club, from training help (in her guise as Super Coach) to computer work and all the necessary paper work. The other stalwart of the club is Mr Grahame Muir. He also provides Jeff with help for competitions in particular, but also works with Misty to see that the club continues to function. Both of them are tireless workers for the club and are the reason why the club runs so well.

Jeff’s family should also be mentioned as they provide him with the time and support to do something he really loves to do.

The Robson Clan
David, Fiona, Jamie, Casey and Hayley Robson

Haktari Taekwondo has been a part of my life for 22 years, since I was just a boy of twelve.
This school is a unique place in the world, and Jeff Crane, it’s head instructor, is a unique human.
Haktari is a place where you can get an education, not only in the martial arts, but in the ways to become the best person you can be in all aspects of life. I learned many of the skills and philosophies which I now live by within the walls of Haktari.

I learned TaeKwonDo throughout my teenage years with Jeff, and during this time, I was able to learn how to live up to my potential. Haktari teaches you to train hard, to train smart, and to push yourself to achieve things that you never thought were possible. I learned the value of the motto of TKD here:

View rightly:
Jeff was always willing to help with problems and situations which extended beyond the training hall and into your own life. Always generous with his time and advice, he was able to teach me the value of looking at things from different points of view, so I was able to overcome problems by thinking about them in different ways.

Feel rightly:
Training Taekwondo at Haktari taught me how to control my emotions. It taught me the value of separating anger from aggression, and competitiveness from jealousy. Haktari taught me the value of using my emotions for my own benefit, and not letting them control me.

Think rightly:
Haktari training always has a strong focus on a clear mind. As with my emotions, training taught me to control my thoughts. To discard thoughts that were not useful to the situation, and to always keep a sharp and clear mind when under pressure.

Speak rightly:
Respect. One of the most valuable lessons that a child can be taught. Through the ritual, structure and respect within the dojang, I learned how to speak to both my elders and senior grades, and also to my juniors and lower grades. Always with respect, always with clarity and never with anger. Learning how to communicate was a highly valuable lesson.
Haktari also taught me how to teach, something that I have now done for a living for 15 years. It was the ability to break down concepts and communicate them with good speech, that allowed me to learn a skill which was both transferable and incredibly valuable.

Order rightly:
The deep self confidence that Haktari helps to build is something that infiltrates every part of life. I have become able to ask for things I need, and to tell people what I want in a way that is authoritative but not aggressive.

Contribute rightly:
In a martial art and sport that is considered to be an ‘individual’ pursuit, nothing could be further from the truth. Haktari taught me the value of what it is to be a club, a team and a family. I learned that working together you can achieve more than is possible on your own. I learned that there are some times I have to teach, and sometimes I have to learn and listen. I learned that you can ALWAYS learn more, that everyone has something to contribute, and everyone is worth listening to.


Have ability:
This is a simple statement. It seems like something that is outside of our control, and yet Jeff is able to take people, and show them that is something that can be learned. When I first started martial arts training, I didn’t have ability. As I grew, I was pushed to become better in every way. I became faster, stronger, fitter, more coordinated and able to learn more quickly, through discipline and practice. All this amounted to a simple task - ‘have ability.’ To have ability, you have to work at having ability, and Haktari taught me that having ability was is all about working towards your goals.

Conduct rightly:
Perhaps the greatest way to learn, is through example. Jeff Crane conducts himself in a way that has been a template for how I aspire to conduct myself in the world. To be polite, firm, fair, honest and giving. Nowhere else will you find someone with the tools to help you conduct your life, both inside the training hall and out, in a way that you can be proud of.

Over the years I have trained at many clubs, in many countries and in many martial arts styles. The foundation I learned from Haktari is something that I have come more and more to realise, is truly priceless. If it were not for the skills, confidence and respect I learned at Haktari, I would not have been able to continue my life long learning, a trait that Jeff had always encouraged.

During the years, I have been back to Haktari several times, and have encountered the club, its students and it’s instructor many times. I have always been welcomed with open arms and treated with respect, and I hope only that I can one day live up to the example that has been set by Jeff and the amazing club he has been able to build.

My name is Joshua Egan and have been involved in Taekwondo for two years, starting at the age of 17. I am also currently serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

Master Jeff Crane helped me to reach not only my fitness goals but also helped to strengthen my self discipline, self confidence and maturity as a young adult.

His motivational skills inspired me to always go that bit further in everything I do.
His approach to teaching is a very calm and practical one, working with each person at their own level and helping them to aspire to their goals.

Jeff helped me a lot personally, helping me with the technique of Taekwondo, my movement, my fitness and skill level, aswell as becoming a great mentor who I still look up to.

As soon as Master Jeff Crane heard about my enlistment into the Royal Australian Navy, he adapted our normal classes to suit the type of training I would meet in my enlistment training.

Thanks to Master Jeff Crane and the rest of the training staff and fellow fighters, I was able to fight in multiple locations against different opponents, including the Lithgow Taekwondo Competition, the NSW State Titles, and the Taekwondo Nationals held in Homebush and did remarkably well with only room for improvement.

I graduated from RAN Recruit School on the 30th of March 2012 in the top 10% of my division thanks to the training I received. I have also been able to incorporate the self defence techniques and skills taught by Jeff into my job skills in Boarding Party training and Military Self Defence Courses.

The training is not only for use in the ring, it is a tool for life as I have seen, how to deal with situations, how to resolve issues and how to handle stress, it opens up a whole new way of looking at things and gives you many more options in the real world.

The group at HTA are a family in themselves and it is a pleasure to know that I am associated with them, they are a great bunch of people and the training is top rate.

I am grateful to everyone for the encouragement and motivation they showed me, I am glad to call them all my friends and family.

JP Egan